Best Wood for Boat Interior and Deck

Best Wood for Boat Interior and Deck

Wood is widely considered the best material for building boats, since they have a relatively lower weight per unit volume- as compared to other materials that can be used. However, there are different types of wood out there, and you really may be wondering if every wood does it. Now, even if you must use any wood type for some other part of the boat, the interior and deck are two important aspects that necessarily requires the right wood.

Boat building experts and boat users have tried the various common woods, and have widely decided on the most ideal ones for boat interior and deck. Now, if you’re ready to build or buy your own boat, it’s also important that you’re specific on what wood type it should have- especially if you want to enjoy using the boat, and for a long time.

Owning to a number of properties of the Teak wood, more boat builders tend to find it a better option for boat decking and interiors. This does not however mean that other wood type like Ash, Cedar, Mahogany, etcetera would not also make good outputs. Note that every of the important wood types usually have their peculiar qualities, but Teak seems to have the characteristics that balances on all end.

Best Wood for Boat Interior and Deck

Why Teak is a preferred option for boat interior and deck

Firstly, note that Teak is regarded as the most ideal wood for building boat’s decks and interiors, because of very important reasons than its name. For most times, structures made of teak, stay strong and durable for many years. This quality is required for your boat, because it means you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing broken parts of the boat- every now and then. In fact, you’ll likely find more teak boats that has survived many years of use, than you’ll find for boats made from other woods.

Now, it may interest you to know that teak has some remarkable anti-rot properties, which is part of what enhances its durability. There is an important oil that is produced by the wood, and which has been discovered to work against the regular damaging effect of factors like microorganism induced rot. This tendency of the teak wood, is a crucial factor that has continued to influence people’s choices for teak-decked boats.

Furthermore, teak woods are lovable for boat deck and interiors, because they require relatively less cleaning and polishing. Unlike other woods that may easily get permanently stained and defaced, teak don’t require any more than a few scrubs before they’re shining again. If you’re a commercial boat service provider, then you should see the way this helps you. If you don’t want stains and dirt from all your boat users to stick to your boat interior, then you need a boat you can easily clean.

On another hand, note that teak have a natural aesthetic quality that does something good to your boat interior. This is not just about painting and polishing the boat interior, but about using the wood that comes with remarkable natural beauty traits. Asides the fact that they are a beautiful wood specie, the teak woods also seem to look more aesthetically appealing with age. Thus, while other wood types may significantly lose their sparkle with time, teak tends to show a more attractive color that you’ll like.

Now, the teak oil is what acts as a natural polish for the wood, hence helping it retain its special glow. This is consequently one advantage that teak has over some other wood types. You’ll see that while boats of other wood types would require periodic polishing, teak wood boats usually require little or no polish use.

Other advantages of using teak wood for your boat deck, includes the fact that it provides good traction with the feet. Thus, chances of slipping and falling off this wood material is relatively lower. The good thing is that this tendency holds true, irrespective of whether the teak deck is wet or not.

Now, all of these things also helps retain the price value for the boat- at the least. This is true, since the informed intending buyer would go for the boat type with more advantages than the others. The informed seller on another hand, knows the value of their boat assets, and can make a good bargain if they need to sell it off.

Other important things to know about Teak

Water flushes up the deck of many boats at sea, so don’t be surprised to see some part of your boat deck become soft and broken, after some time. This is common with many boat woods, but every top boat maker knows that the teak woods are an exception. Teak boat decks are water resistant, and can hence significantly withstand the effects of persistent contact with water.

Another interesting feature of the teak wood, is its temperature maintaining capacity. Now, even if the outdoor temperature has dropped significantly, the teak deck material facilitates heat retention on the boat. When added to the boat interior, teak insulates it- to maintain a pretty cozy temperature for the occupants.

Although the reasons why the teak wood are significantly expensive is not factually known, market analysts say the most likely reason should be its high demand, in comparison to overall supply. Generally, more people are getting to know why they essentially need a teak decked boat, and all of these are likely to keep pushing the price up.

Now, note that not all teak boats or materials are the same. There are different natural teak wood species, although they possess very similar qualities. Usually, they may also differ slightly in price, but don’t be quick to assume that the priciest species, are necessarily the best. Additionally, there are also the synthetic teak woods in the markets now. When buying the wood material or the finished boat, ensure that you know what category of the wood you’ve bought.

In order to be on a safer side, you may necessarily ask an expert to do the buying for you, or give you the recommendations that would help you on the shopping.

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