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What Tools Do You Need To Build A Wooden Boat

What Tools Do You Need To Build A Wooden Boat

Building a boat is not as difficult as a lot of people think. This looks like an exaggerated claim, but it is true. In fact, boatbuilding is simple, as long as you have the basic woodworking skills and the right toolset. You are good to go. Talking about toolset, building a boat surprisingly requires a small collection of tools. Here, will talk about a few must-have tools for every boat builder. Some of these tools are everyday tools lying around in our garage, so they will not really be hard looking for. If, however, you can’t find any at home, and need to buy, we admonish that you stay away from cheap stuff. That clear, here’s WoodworkingforWatercraft list of tools needed to build a wooden boat.

What Tools Do You Need To Build A Wooden Boat

Measuring and Layout Tools

Every woodworker knows how important measuring and layout tools are to the whole wood building process. The problem, however, is that a lot of people do not go for the right measuring tools. Hence, their inability to achieve a finished structure that is perfect and devoid of any mistakes. A lot of square tools, for instance, are not truly square. This can lead to a lot of troubles when the boat parts are being laid out.

  • Rulers

The ruler is one of the most popular measuring tool as far as bodybuilding is concerned. For starters, compare the ruler against a measuring tape to ensure that they are exactly the same. Most times, they are not. It is useful to have the metric measurements on one side, and the imperial on the other.

  • Combination ruler

A set of combination rulers, otherwise known as square set, comes handy for building a boat. The often include a little level which can be useful. Examine to ensure that they are exactly square, considering that many are more. If you start with a square that is not perfectly square, then there is a probability for you to run into troubles in the long run.

  • Level

This is one obvious measuring tool for any woodworker. It is essential for making sure that all pieces are level, particularly when epoxy is setting.

  • Compass

This is another great tool that’s worth having around for measuring and layout. It will help greatly for quick measuring and production of an exact distance.

Cutting and Sharpening Tools

Once you have your measuring tools available, this the next set of tools to look out for. Cutting tools are quite important, considering that a large part of the work in boat construction deals with cutting. Hence, you need to pay extra attention to ensuring that the cutting tools you get are worth owning. Here, take a look at some of the most popular cutting tools.

  • Japanese saws
Japanese saws

Instead of the more popular Western crosscut saws, many bodybuilders have turned to the Japanese Crosscut saws. Whichever is available at your disposal works, as long as it is sharp. The difference between both saws, however, is that the Japanese saws are faster and light, compared to the traditional Western saws. While the traditional Western saws, on the other hand, can be more easily sharpened. Each of them will require a bit of getting used to before your cutting speed takes off.

  • Backsaw

The popularity of this saw among boatbuilders has soared over time. This kind of saw offers incredible ease of control, leading to more accurate cuts than a lot of others. If you are into any other woodwork, then you will find this saw great for many different uses.

  • Jigsaw

Except you are a professional boat builder, or in the wooden line, you may not know the importance of this tool. But they are extremely important in any woodwork. It is the tool that you can use to cut out the carved part in plywood. Apart from being able to cut out the curved part, this tool can also be used to cut a perfectly straight line if you know how to use it. There are different saw blade types, so you can match your choice saw blade, depending on the job at hand.

  • Chainsaw

A chainsaw is a very important tool for cutting wood. You should buy a best chainsaw under 300$ for the purpose.

  • Chisels

Another popular tool for working on the most. They often come in sets of different sizes. You will need different sizes for different uses. When buying chisels, go for quality over cheap ones.

  • Plane

If you are going to make the perfect boat, then planes should pretty much be on the top of your must have list. Different sizes of planes come handy for different specific usage. While the smaller plants will come in handy for making quick round on edges or for making quick angles, the larger planes can be used to smoother woods or to flatten boards. As long as you are able to keep them sharp, you will find that planes are very satisfying tools for shaping and smoothing wood.

  • Grinder

This comes in for a number of uses. One of its most popular uses of grinders is for the sharpening of planes and chisel. Yes, it is possible to use sandpapers, but these grinding stones are faster. Apart from their speed, they offer far more efficient than the use of sandpaper for sharpening purposes.

  • Drill

You would never imagine building a boat or any other woodwork without a drill, would you? Certainly not. This tool comes in handy for drilling holes for screws and bolts. The drill bits are an important part of the drill. They come in different sizes, so you might need to get a few different sizes to match different sizes.

  • Safety Gear

Your safety comes first in anything you are doing. Hence, the safety gear should be the first set of equipment to own if you are a serious boat builder.

Other important tools to own include

  • Screwdrivers
  • Clamps
  • Plyers
  • Pencil and knife
  • Scissors
  • Scraper
  • Sandpaper.

The list of needed tools is inexhaustible. However, our list should point you to the right place to start from. While it is great to get a fair deal, it is also great to ensure that you do not sacrifice quality for price at any time, since quality will ensure longevity and efficiency.


What Kind Of Wood Is Best For Boat Building?

Best Wood for Boat Interior and Deck

What Kind Of Wood Is Best For Boat Building

What Kind Of Wood Is Best For Boat Building?

Water makes a big part of the universe that we live in and it will be hard to locate any part of the earth without water. This has led to the undying popularity of boats and other water transport means. As expected, this popularity has led to the availability of several options in the market. When looking to buy a good boat for your need, it can be quite a difficult task searching through the numerous options to find the right fit for your need.

What Kind Of Wood Is Best For Boat Building

Why not step up your game today and think of how to make the process of owning a canoe easier and cheaper than these options offer. Building a boat yourself is one obvious way to achieve this. But there’s a lot involved in building a boat. One of such things that you should look out for when building a boat is the quality of wood. Different woods can come in handy for building boats, but you still need to be sure of the quality of wood. Thankfully, there are a lot of different types of wood out that are great for building boats. Here, let’s review a few of these woods.


This is obviously the most popular kind of wood for making boats. A lot of boat makers rely on the strength of this boat for making great boats. It comes in different colors and types.


The yellow cedar is the hardest and they come with am exceptional level of resistance to rot and weathering. Their biggest selling point is that they are pretty easy to work on.

The Red Cedar is popular for its ability to resist decay. They are known for their inherent stability, as well their ability to glue well when being worked on.

Lebanon cedar offers an incredible level of ease too. It is one of the few woods that provides good finish.

Chestnut (Sweet)


Chestnut is another popular wood for boat making. Its rather coarse texture makes it perfect for making great cuts and designs in a boat. It is also easy to work on. Hence, the ease of maneuver and creativity that comes with working on it.



This is a strong tough wood with great features that can stand it out in the hands of any boat maker. It’s texture makes it easy to create something amazing out of it.


Fir is another strong wood that’s worth talking about. One great thing about this wood, is its ability to offer strength where needed and to offer softness where needed. It bends well, so you’ll not find it difficult molding into difficult edges. It has a good level of rot resistance too, so you can expect it to last longer than most others.


Although quite cheap, the Iroko has proven to be an excellent substitute for teak over and again. It is moderately easy to maintain, so after making the boat, it will be easy for the user to keep it clean for a long period of time.

On the bad side, a lot of users have complained that the Iroko is difficult to finish.


Mahogany comes in different varieties and these varieties are named by their countries of origin. It has a solid texture that finishes well. It’s easily bendable nature means that wood works can get really creative with them.


Definitely one of the woods to look out for as far as the manufacture of boats is concerned. It is very strong, hence its preference for making carriage boats. It is the perfect wood for making fishing boats too. You should, however, not that despite its amazing features, the oak is still prone to swelling, cracking, and shrinkage.


The biggest selling point of this wood is its texture. The fact that despite combining some amazing features, it still remains soft and easy to use. You will find that you can do nearly everything with this wood. It bends reasonably well, so making hard and creative edges shouldn’t be so much problem.

There you have it, some of the most popular woods for making boats. Of course, there are a lot more options, but we can’t start listing all the beautiful trees in the world. Hence, we have decided to concentrate on these few ones. We hope that you enjoy the journey towards making your first boat ever. Remember that this woods are better sourced from reliable wood companies. If you can go source the wood yourself, them that’s even better.


Best Wood for Boat Interior and Deck

How to make a Canoe Paddle

Best Wood for Boat Interior and Deck

Best Wood for Boat Interior and Deck

Wood is widely considered the best material for building boats, since they have a relatively lower weight per unit volume- as compared to other materials that can be used. However, there are different types of wood out there, and you really may be wondering if every wood does it. Now, even if you must use any wood type for some other part of the boat, the interior and deck are two important aspects that necessarily requires the right wood.

Boat building experts and boat users have tried the various common woods, and have widely decided on the most ideal ones for boat interior and deck. Now, if you’re ready to build or buy your own boat, it’s also important that you’re specific on what wood type it should have- especially if you want to enjoy using the boat, and for a long time.

Owning to a number of properties of the Teak wood, more boat builders tend to find it a better option for boat decking and interiors. This does not however mean that other wood type like Ash, Cedar, Mahogany, etcetera would not also make good outputs. Note that every of the important wood types usually have their peculiar qualities, but Teak seems to have the characteristics that balances on all end.

Best Wood for Boat Interior and Deck

Why Teak is a preferred option for boat interior and deck

Firstly, note that Teak is regarded as the most ideal wood for building boat’s decks and interiors, because of very important reasons than its name. For most times, structures made of teak, stay strong and durable for many years. This quality is required for your boat, because it means you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing broken parts of the boat- every now and then. In fact, you’ll likely find more teak boats that has survived many years of use, than you’ll find for boats made from other woods.

Now, it may interest you to know that teak has some remarkable anti-rot properties, which is part of what enhances its durability. There is an important oil that is produced by the wood, and which has been discovered to work against the regular damaging effect of factors like microorganism induced rot. This tendency of the teak wood, is a crucial factor that has continued to influence people’s choices for teak-decked boats.

Furthermore, teak woods are lovable for boat deck and interiors, because they require relatively less cleaning and polishing. Unlike other woods that may easily get permanently stained and defaced, teak don’t require any more than a few scrubs before they’re shining again. If you’re a commercial boat service provider, then you should see the way this helps you. If you don’t want stains and dirt from all your boat users to stick to your boat interior, then you need a boat you can easily clean.

On another hand, note that teak have a natural aesthetic quality that does something good to your boat interior. This is not just about painting and polishing the boat interior, but about using the wood that comes with remarkable natural beauty traits. Asides the fact that they are a beautiful wood specie, the teak woods also seem to look more aesthetically appealing with age. Thus, while other wood types may significantly lose their sparkle with time, teak tends to show a more attractive color that you’ll like.

Now, the teak oil is what acts as a natural polish for the wood, hence helping it retain its special glow. This is consequently one advantage that teak has over some other wood types. You’ll see that while boats of other wood types would require periodic polishing, teak wood boats usually require little or no polish use.

Other advantages of using teak wood for your boat deck, includes the fact that it provides good traction with the feet. Thus, chances of slipping and falling off this wood material is relatively lower. The good thing is that this tendency holds true, irrespective of whether the teak deck is wet or not.

Now, all of these things also helps retain the price value for the boat- at the least. This is true, since the informed intending buyer would go for the boat type with more advantages than the others. The informed seller on another hand, knows the value of their boat assets, and can make a good bargain if they need to sell it off.

Other important things to know about Teak

Water flushes up the deck of many boats at sea, so don’t be surprised to see some part of your boat deck become soft and broken, after some time. This is common with many boat woods, but every top boat maker knows that the teak woods are an exception. Teak boat decks are water resistant, and can hence significantly withstand the effects of persistent contact with water.

Another interesting feature of the teak wood, is its temperature maintaining capacity. Now, even if the outdoor temperature has dropped significantly, the teak deck material facilitates heat retention on the boat. When added to the boat interior, teak insulates it- to maintain a pretty cozy temperature for the occupants.

Although the reasons why the teak wood are significantly expensive is not factually known, market analysts say the most likely reason should be its high demand, in comparison to overall supply. Generally, more people are getting to know why they essentially need a teak decked boat, and all of these are likely to keep pushing the price up.

Now, note that not all teak boats or materials are the same. There are different natural teak wood species, although they possess very similar qualities. Usually, they may also differ slightly in price, but don’t be quick to assume that the priciest species, are necessarily the best. Additionally, there are also the synthetic teak woods in the markets now. When buying the wood material or the finished boat, ensure that you know what category of the wood you’ve bought.

In order to be on a safer side, you may necessarily ask an expert to do the buying for you, or give you the recommendations that would help you on the shopping.