What Kind Of Wood Is Best For Boat Building

What Kind Of Wood Is Best For Boat Building?

Water makes a big part of the universe that we live in and it will be hard to locate any part of the earth without water. This has led to the undying popularity of boats and other water transport means. As expected, this popularity has led to the availability of several options in the market. When looking to buy a good boat for your need, it can be quite a difficult task searching through the numerous options to find the right fit for your need.

What Kind Of Wood Is Best For Boat Building

Why not step up your game today and think of how to make the process of owning a canoe easier and cheaper than these options offer. Building a boat yourself is one obvious way to achieve this. But there’s a lot involved in building a boat. One of such things that you should look out for when building a boat is the quality of wood. Different woods can come in handy for building boats, but you still need to be sure of the quality of wood. Thankfully, there are a lot of different types of wood out that are great for building boats. Here, let’s review a few of these woods.


This is obviously the most popular kind of wood for making boats. A lot of boat makers rely on the strength of this boat for making great boats. It comes in different colors and types.


The yellow cedar is the hardest and they come with am exceptional level of resistance to rot and weathering. Their biggest selling point is that they are pretty easy to work on.

The Red Cedar is popular for its ability to resist decay. They are known for their inherent stability, as well their ability to glue well when being worked on.

Lebanon cedar offers an incredible level of ease too. It is one of the few woods that provides good finish.

Chestnut (Sweet)


Chestnut is another popular wood for boat making. Its rather coarse texture makes it perfect for making great cuts and designs in a boat. It is also easy to work on. Hence, the ease of maneuver and creativity that comes with working on it.



This is a strong tough wood with great features that can stand it out in the hands of any boat maker. It’s texture makes it easy to create something amazing out of it.


Fir is another strong wood that’s worth talking about. One great thing about this wood, is its ability to offer strength where needed and to offer softness where needed. It bends well, so you’ll not find it difficult molding into difficult edges. It has a good level of rot resistance too, so you can expect it to last longer than most others.


Although quite cheap, the Iroko has proven to be an excellent substitute for teak over and again. It is moderately easy to maintain, so after making the boat, it will be easy for the user to keep it clean for a long period of time.

On the bad side, a lot of users have complained that the Iroko is difficult to finish.


Mahogany comes in different varieties and these varieties are named by their countries of origin. It has a solid texture that finishes well. It’s easily bendable nature means that wood works can get really creative with them.


Definitely one of the woods to look out for as far as the manufacture of boats is concerned. It is very strong, hence its preference for making carriage boats. It is the perfect wood for making fishing boats too. You should, however, not that despite its amazing features, the oak is still prone to swelling, cracking, and shrinkage.


The biggest selling point of this wood is its texture. The fact that despite combining some amazing features, it still remains soft and easy to use. You will find that you can do nearly everything with this wood. It bends reasonably well, so making hard and creative edges shouldn’t be so much problem.

There you have it, some of the most popular woods for making boats. Of course, there are a lot more options, but we can’t start listing all the beautiful trees in the world. Hence, we have decided to concentrate on these few ones. We hope that you enjoy the journey towards making your first boat ever. Remember that this woods are better sourced from reliable wood companies. If you can go source the wood yourself, them that’s even better.


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